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Genre:  Speculative  Fiction, Older Characters, Metaphysical

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Genre:  Historical Fiction, Romance, Black History

Mirror Image - Speculative Fiction


56-year-old Piper Fallon vacationed on the beautiful island of Kauai, Hawaii a year after burying Susan, her partner of twenty years. She booked herself into the same Princeville resort she and her wife frequented over their twenty-year relationship, hoping to find closure and to contemplate her life going forward.


Kalena Kealohilani (age 54) is the manager of the   Princeville Kealia Resort on Kauai, Hawaii.  A   native of Kauai, she had immersed herself in her   job after a failed relationship left her heart broken   and resigned to remain single.


Piper and Kalena met the day Piper checked into   the Princeville resort. The attraction between the   two women was instant and totally unexpected.   Both recovering from recent losses, neither was   looking for a new relationship, but the Hawaiian   gods had something else in mind for them.


A few months into their relationship, tragedy   strikes and threatens to destroy the idyllic life   they were building together. While waiting to see   what the future will bring, a mysterious woman   enters their lives and provides advice that shakes   Piper to her core.


Will Piper find the courage to risk all she holds   sacred by following the advice of the mystery   woman…advice that could ultimately lead to the   death of the woman she loves?  And if she   doesn’t follow suit, will she live to regret it for the   rest of her life?

Say Their Names


Jo Benson is a political science professor.  Tam Allen is a cardiac care nurse.  Jo and Tam met several years previously, at a demonstration protesting police brutality against the black community. 

After several years together, they relocate from South Carolina to upstate New York when Jo is offered a tenured position at the State University of New York.

Two years after relocating, Jo and Tam purchase an old mansion in the Adirondack region of New York. History collides when they discover secrets about their new home that will change their lives forever. 


Join them as they strive to discover who had been living in their attic for sixty years.

Keywords:  Historical Fiction, Slavery, Underground Railroad, Black Lives Matter

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Genre:  Occult, Paranormal, Romance, Series

2021 LesFic Bard Award Winner

The Fifty and One - The Continuation of 1140 Rue Royale


The Fifty and One picks up where the award-winning novel, 1140 Rue Royale leaves off. 

Lia Purvis and Elliot Walker find themselves in a fight for Lia’s life two months after they freed the souls of the slaves tortured by a sadistic, aristocratic mistress one hundred and eighty years earlier in New Orleans.  With the assistance of their friends Marissa, Julie and Phoebe, Lia and Elliot thought they had eliminated the evil mistress, but now she was free, and the future suddenly seems uncertain.

They have the insurmountable task of breaking the curse that has killed every descendant in the lineage that began with one slave woman who lived at 1140 Rue Royale—who fell victim to the evil mistress’ torture—and it ends with Lia Purvis herself, who is within days of becoming the curse’s final victim.

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Genre:  Comedy, Romance, Series

Udder Nonsense - Book 10 of The Commitment Series


The Twilight Zone has nothing  on the Charland family in this rip-roaringly interlude and adventurous ‘who-done-it’!  After the life altering experience during the shooting at Nassau High School, Cat and Billie decide to move their family to a ‘safer’ place in the country to try their hand at farming.  What happens next gives new meaning to the phrase, ‘You can take the girl out of the city, but you can’t take the city out of the girl!’


Down is up and up is down in this side-splitting episode in the lives of the Charland clan!

ASIN Front Cover Award.JPG

Genre:  Science Fiction, Romance, Trans character

2021 LesFic Bard Award Winner

A Shadow in Love 


Mackenzie Caldwell was given a true to who she was and be shunned for the rest of her life by her entire family, or suppress her attraction to women and live the rest of her life knowing ‘her place’ in the misogynistic cult-like religion she was raised in.  Kenzie chose herself, and relocated to Sedona, Arizona, a beautiful desert town surrounded by red-rock buttes, steep canyon walls, and famous for metaphysical enhancement while hiking and spending time among the many vortices in the area.


Zangendar Tafadon is on a mission to help her community find a new home world, as her planet, Vakillia is slowly dying and would soon be unable to support the proliferation of their species. For generations, Vakillians had travelled to other planets in order to use the resources of those worlds in the procreation process between Vakillian females, after which, they would return to Vakillia to raise their offspring .  Only this time, the planet of Vakillia was approaching toxic levels. Zan was on one of many investigatory missions to several different worlds, and her destination was Earth.


Life will never be the same for Kenzie or Zan when their paths literally cross on the hiking trails of Sedona, Arizona.

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2019 Les Fic Bard Award finalist in the Young Adult category! 

Genre:  Young Adult, Romance, Family, Series

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OTCM Front Cover with Award.JPG

2019 Les Fic Bard Award winner in BOTH the Historical and Action/Adventure categories! 

In the Blink of an Eye - A Young Adult Novel

(Book IX of The Commitment Series)


Tara Charland is an ordinary fifteen year old kid.  She likes music, playing on her phone, going to the mall, dancing with her peeps, and movie nights with her moms and siblings.  She especially likes spending time with her new girlfriend, Kelly. Ah...the idyllic life of a teenager!

Then, one day, on a chilly Thursday morning, in the midst of leaf-peeping season in her Southern New York town, it all came crashing down.  Tara never did pay much attention during those darned lock-down drills.  In a million years, she never thought it would actually happen.    You see...that’s the problem...she never thought.

Tara and Kelly, her brother, Seth, and their best friends, Steve and Karissa are caught in the crosshairs.  In the blink of an eye, their lives, and the lives of everyone they loved, changed forever.

Auntie A's Favorite Recipes

The life collection of a Southern cook


From Auntie A’s childhood in rural Oklahoma, her Momma taught her everything she knows about cooking and life.  This special edition is a gift of recipes, advice and memories passed down with love from her Momma, and from generations before her. No one ever left Momma’s house hungry. Auntie A hopes that by continuing the tradition with her nieces and nephews, they will learn the fine art of Southern cooking and pass it down to their children.  So get into the kitchen and make Momma proud!

2019 LesFic Bard Award Winner

Over The Crescent Moon


Makaya Kapule and Spencer Bennet are from vastly different backgrounds...Makaya from Hawaii and Spencer from Vermont.   They met and fell in love as members  of the National Fencing Team.  On hiatus from their grueling training schedule, Makaya and Spencer fly to Hawaii to attend her sister's traditional Hawai'ian wedding, at which, Spencer meets Makaya's family for the first time.  While there, Makaya's brother takes them water skiing, and an over-confident Spencer finds herself in danger when she fails to anticipate the raging fury of ocean whitecaps.  She wakes up some time later to find herself alone on a deserted beach and with her world about to be turned upside down.

Genre:  Speculative, Romance, Pirates!

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Genre:  Drama, Romance, Family, Series

Genre:  Drama, Romance, Family, Series

1140RR Front Cover for Mainstream.JPG

2017 Golden Crown Literary Society  Award  winner in the Paranormal category! 

Genre:  Paranormal, Romance, Older characters

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Family, Series


Book VIII of the Billie/Cat Commitment Series


After a year of strife and anxiety—and intent on celebrating Cat’s clean bill of health—the Charlands plan a family vacation to regroup, reconnect and revive their love for life and for one another.  What better choice than the beautiful National  Parks in America’s mid-west?  They plan a week of horseback riding, hiking, fishing and kayaking, all while living in a rustic frontier cabin in the wilderness area of Yellowstone National Park…devoid of electricity, running water and cell-phone signals.  One could imagine how well-received that concept would be for today’s device-addicted youth!  Unbeknownst to them, Mother Nature decides to join them on their vacation  and true to her name, provides them with a close up look at how powerful and truly dangerous she can be.  Between teenagers coming into their own and struggling with their identities, to Mother Nature stowing away on their trip, this becomes a vacation to remember, and one that will leave memories, good and bad, burned into their hearts forever.  Come join the family celebrate life in this eighth installment of the Billie/Cat Commitment Series.



Book VII of the Billie/Cat Commitment Series



Have you ever thought your kids are trying to drive you crazy?  Have you ever wondered how you could possibly handle all the curveballs life throws at you?  Real life hits Billie and Cat squarely in the face and sends them into a tailspin as they deal with the growing pains of their children… all, while juggling careers and striving for a balance between their jobs, their autonomy and the friends they love.  Old friendships are challenged as new friends enter their lives and heartbreaking events threaten to tear them apart.  In the midst of it all, Cat is faced with one of the most sobering experiences of her life, making her realize what really is important – family, friends and love.

2017 Goldie Winner (Paranormal)!

1140 Rue Royale


This book is of the paranormal genre, and based on reportedly true events that happened in the most haunted house in New Orleans.  In the 1830's, this house was owned by upper-crust aristocrats, who committed unspeakable atrocities against their slaves.  Although these events occurred in the past, the characters are set in modern day, 2016. Here is a brief synopsis of their story:  Lia and Elliot are  research scientists   in  New York City.  Having met twenty-two years earlier, their lives have fallen into a ‘taken-for-granted’ daily  routine.  They agree to begin again in New Orleans, not only to further their careers, but to renew their relationship, away from the hustle and bustle of big city life in New York.    While house-hunting, they can’t believe their luck when they find an historical mansion in the French Quarter of New Orleans, securing the home for much less than appraised value.   Not long after moving in, they find out why their new home was such a bargain as a series of horrid events takes over their lives, and they learn the terrifying truth about 1140 Rue Royale.

Relative-ly Speaking - Book VI of the Commitment Series


Have you ever heard the saying, 'you can choose your friends, but you can't choose your relatives?'


 In this sixth book of The Commitment Series, Cat and Billie find themselves in the heart of Disfunction Junction as the O'Grady-Charland clan descends on SpireClyffe Acres for a family reunion.  Between Grandma Jo baiting her homophobic son-in-law, Billie's brother and Cat's sister getting to know each other real proper-like, and an authentic, Amazon bonfire, complete with scantily clad…and slightly inebriated, Amazons, the reunion is a vacation to remember.


You will enjoy this comedic interlude in the lives of the Charland clan!

Genre:  Drama, Romance, Family, Series

Sweet Angel - Book V of the Commitment Series


Book five of The Commitment Series chronicles the heart-wrenching trauma Billie and Cat endure when their family is faced with a life-changing event.   Each member of the Charland family deals with the trauma in their own way as the very fabric of their family unit unravels. 


Their lives may be forever changed by an event that has the power to cast uncertainly over them forever.  Will their love be strong enough to survive the strain this devastating event has put on them?  Will their lives ever be the same again?


This is a must-read episode in the lives of the Charland clan.



Genre:  Drama, Romance, Series

All My Tomorrows - Sequel to the 2009 Goldie Award Winning Yesterday Once More


Dr. Jordan Lewis was born in 2073, fifty-four years after Maggie Downs was thrown from her horse and died on her farm in rural Vermont.  Paralyzed from the waist down at age fourteen, thirty-two year old Jordan falls in love with the young Maggie Downs through Maggie's diaries that she finds hidden between the walls of that same farmhouse, which she now owns.  Jordan's courageous trip back in time to save Maggie, results in catastrophic consequences for the future Jordan… but opens a whole new world of possibilities and challenges for the Jordan that lands in the year 2019 as she attempts to negotiate the past without jeopardizing the future she has already lived.



Genre:  Drama, Romance, Family, Series

Collective Identity - Book 4 of The Commitment Series

In this fourth book of the Billie/Cat Commitment Series, Billie and Cat decide to trace their genealogies to determine if there is any substance behind the feeling that their destinies have always been linked through time.  During the search, dark secrets are revealed about Billie's parentage that send her reeling and cause her to question her very existence.  They find unlikely allies in Alexandra Spirakis and Josephine Wycliffe, Cat's maternal grandmothers, who they discover, are harboring a family secret of their own. Will Billie ever be on solid ground again after learning her entire life has been a lie?

A must-read episode in the lives of the Charland clan!

Genre:  Occult, Romance

The Blue Feather

Cape Cod resident, Willow McCord, receives a package in the mail from Newcastle Upon Tyne, England.  In it, is an intricately carved brooch in the shape of a blue sapphire feather mounted on a Celtic cross. Receipt of this brooch sets her life into a whirlwind of motion in which events of her ancestral past dictate her future, and drag her into a world of danger, mystery and spirituality.  Connected to Willow through their conjoined ancestors, is Sawyer Hawskworth, who has actively sought her out in order to fulfill a destiny left to both of them fourteen generations earlier.  Will Sawyer be able to make Willow see how important the task at hand is to their futures… and will Willow be able to see beyond skepticism long enough to accept Sawyer for what she is  and actively participate in the ritual of the chosen ones?  Will their growing attraction for each other get in the way of their destiny?

Happy Campers - Book III of the Commitment Series

Have you ever had a vacation from Hell?  The Charland family returns in book three of the Billie/Cat Commitment Series as they go on a vacation to remember.   Left anxious and edgy by the events of the previous year, Billie and Cat, along with their neighbors Jen and Fred, take their families on a camping trip with the hope that time together in a relaxed and fun-filled environment would help heal the wounds in their relationship.  Little did they know, the fates would work against them as they face two weeks of hilarious and unfortunate happenstance that would test the patience of Job.  Will they emerge from this adventure with renewed commitment toward love and their lives together – or will the strain be too much to bear?

Genre:  Comedy, Romance, Family, Series

Unchained Memories - Book II of the Commitment Series

When Cat receives an envelope in the mail from an anonymous sender, its contents disrupts the Charland household and sets off a chain of events that severely strains Billie's and Cat's commitment to each other and to their family.  Billie overreacts with uncharacteristic behavior, debilitating headaches and occasional blackouts.  Cat convinces her to have her father, Doc, search for possible physical causes.  The search results are shocking, and Cat is forced to make a decision that might ruin their lives together.  Will Billie blame Cat for the course she has decided on and choose to split their family apart?  or is their love strong enough to surmount these problems?

Genre:  Drama, Romance, Family, Series

Genre:  Drama, Romance, Family, Series

In A Family Way - Book I of the Commitment Series

Billie Charland’s life is complicated. A paralegal by day and an aerobic instructor in the evening, a relationship is the last thing Billie needs in a life already over full with commitments. When a hopelessly uncoordinated new student joins her class, Billie feels a spark that puts a spring back in her step, a sparkle in her eye and desire in her heart.  Caitlan O’Grady is a prominent anesthesiologist and emergency room doctor. She didn’t plan on falling, literally, for her aerobics instructor, but her efforts to get to know Billie are hampered because Billie won’t go out with her at night.  Cat’s head tells her that her heart is going to be broken again, but her heart won’t let her give up on the enigmatic Ms. Charland.  Circumstances throw the women’s lives together, revealing secrets that could unravel the fragile love growing between them. Is their relationship strong enough to withstand the stress when Billie’s past catches up with her?  Can their love survive when they find themselves in a family way?

YOM - New Front Cover with Award.JPG
Yesterday Once More

2009 Golden Crown Literary Society Award Winner for Best Speculative Fiction


It is the year 2105.  Dr. Jordan Lewis, paralyzed in an equestrian accident as a child, is a key part of a research team working to create a device that will allow complete mobility. While recovering from a life-threatening set back, Jordan discovers the diaries of Maggie Downs, a woman who died more than 100 before. Jordan soon finds herself falling in love with Maggie through her diaries and is heartbroken by the turn of fate that has led her too late to the one she feels destiny has chosen for her.  Maggie begins to haunt Jordan's dreams, and Jordan becomes convinced she is trying to contact her.  Can love bridge the barriers of death and time?  Jordan is determined to find out!

2009 Golden Crown Literary Society  Award  winner in the Speculative category! 

Genre:  Speculative, Romance, Time Travel

Genre:  Drama, Romance

On A Wing And A Prayer

Cass Conway, a lonely pilot with a past, stumbles upon a Sci-Fi book while on a layover on her way to San Jose. About to return the book to the shelf, a glance at the author's picture on the back cover captivates her - especially the emerald green eyes that reach deep into her soul. On a whim, she e-mails the author, New Englander, Roxanne Ward, setting in motion, a series of notes and chat sessions that will grab your heart one minute and send you into convulsive laughter the next. But all is not as it seems! Will a series of misinterpretations and near misses adversely affect their budding relationship?  What develops between these characters will surprise you, sending you on a transcontinental roller coaster of emotion, danger and suspense!

Women In Uniform - Medics and Soldiers and Cops, Oh My!  Anthology.  Verda Foster & Pat Cronin, editors

Cops, medics, chefs, forest rangers... let's face it... who doesn't apreciate women in uniform?  Whether its a nurse in Vietnam, a lesbian about to deploy to Iraq, a horny football player, a cop who like bondage, a medic who needs pampering or a security guard who finds out she's not past her shelf date.  These stores of erotica and romance will rev you up, touch your heart and make you feel.  Authors:  Catherine lundoff, J.M. Redmann, Lee Lynch, Analza otis, Lori L. Lake, Chris Paynter, Sammo, M.J. williamz, Ms. M., Diane S. Bauden, Karen D. Badger, V. W. Massie, Victoria Oldham, Bliss, R.G. Emanuelle, Andi Marquette, Jessie Chandler, Pat Cronin and Lee Coats.

Genre:  Anthology, Various

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