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Books authored by Karen D. Badger and published by Badger Bliss Books can be purchased from Bella Distribution and from Amazon by clicking on the links below!

Stand Alone Novels by Karen D. Badger!

AAFR Front Cover.JPG
STN Front Cover Final.jpg
Mirror Image Front Cover_edited.jpg

K. Badger - editor

OTCM Front Cover with Award.JPG
ASIN Front Cover Award.JPG

Award Winners!

The Billie/Cat Commitment Series

Flashpoint-Front Cover.JPG
IABOAE Front Cover with Finalist1.JPG
UN Front Cover.JPG


The Yesterday Once More Series

Award Winner!

YOM - New Front Cover with Award.JPG

The Rue Royale Series

1140RR Front Cover for Mainstream.JPG

Award Winners!

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