One of my three 2019 releases, Over The Crescent Moon  has just won in TWO Categories in the LesFic Bard Awards Competition... Best HISTORICAL and Best ACTION/ADVENTURE!

Also.....  My first Young Adult Novel - In the Blink of an Eye was a FINALIST in the same competition! 


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In the Blink of an Eye - A Young Adult Novel

(Book IX of the Commitment Series)

Tara Charland is an ordinary fifteen year old kid.  She likes music, playing on her phone, going to the mall, dancing with her peeps, and movie nights with her moms and siblings.  She especially likes spending time with her new girlfriend, Kelly. Ah...the idyllic life of a teenager!

Then, one day, on a chilly Thursday morning, in the midst of leaf-peeping season in her Southern New York town, it all came crashing down.  Tara never did pay much attention during those darned lock-down drills.  In a million years, she never thought it would actually happen.    You see...that’s the problem...she never thought.

Tara and Kelly, her brother, Seth, and their best friends, Steve and Karissa are caught in the crosshairs.  In the blink of an eye, their lives, and the lives of everyone they loved, changed forever.


Auntie A's Favorite Recipes

The life collection of a Southern cook

From Auntie A's childhood in rural Oklahoma, her Momma taught her everything she knows about cooking and life.  This special edition is a gift of recipes, advice and memories passed down with love from her Momma, and from generations before her.  No one ever left Momma's house hungry.  Auntie A hopes that by continuing the tradition with her nieces and nephews, they will learn the fine art of Southern cooking and pass it down to their children.  So get into the kitchen and make Momma proud!

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