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Mirror Image - Speculative Fiction


56-year-old Piper Fallon vacationed on the beautiful island of Kauai, Hawaii a year after burying Susan, her partner of twenty years. She booked herself into the same Princeville resort she and her wife frequented over their twenty-year relationship, hoping to find closure and to contemplate her life going forward.


Kalena Kealohilani (age 54) is the manager of the   Princeville Kealia Resort on Kauai, Hawaii.  A   native of Kauai, she had immersed herself in her   job after a failed relationship left her heart broken   and resigned to remain single.


Piper and Kalena met the day Piper checked into   the Princeville resort. The attraction between the   two women was instant and totally unexpected.   Both recovering from recent losses, neither was   looking for a new relationship, but the Hawaiian   gods had something else in mind for them.


A few months into their relationship, tragedy   strikes and threatens to destroy the idyllic life   they were building together. While waiting to see   what the future will bring, a mysterious woman   enters their lives and provides advice that shakes   Piper to her core.


Will Piper find the courage to risk all she holds   sacred by following the advice of the mystery   woman…advice that could ultimately lead to the   death of the woman she loves?  And if she   doesn’t follow suit, will she live to regret it for the   rest of her life?


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